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Alive with culture, Downtown Tacoma is filled with historic architecture, creative arts, museums, theaters, sophisticated shops, down to earth, antiques and an eclectic array of great food.  I've been in the T-Town area my entire life!

I worked in construction management and found I preferred being out and about rather than in the office.  Real Estate has been the perfect combination!  I believe that anyone can buy or sell in any market.  With proper communication and negotiations, I help protect your best interests in all phases of Real Estate.  Buying and selling can be stressful, having the right agent assisting you, will allow you to control the process without having to put your life on hold.  My business is about my client’s life and their dreams.  My high energy “can do” attitude makes the roller coaster that is Real Estate, exciting and allows me the opportunity to thrive in any market.  I take pride in running my business with honesty and professionalism. 

Inspiration:  I am inspired by strong willed direct personalities. Tony Robbins; who inspires people, builds businesses and has found complete abundance in life.  My grandmother; who was self employed and showed me incredible work ethic. That woman can do everything and will!  Megan Douglas, owner of Serenity Spa & Natural Health Clinic; Beautiful inside and out. One who no matter what she is going through, puts everyone else first and still manages to have a loving/supportive family and multi location successful business. Being in her life reminds me that everything has a level of balance.  Brad Eyford, owner of The Health Connection; his competitive spirit and resilience is inspiring.

The most memorable experience I've had with a client:
Closing day and I call my buyer to meet up for the key exchange. He says he'll meet me at the new house and that he's already got stuff in his car. I pull up and he's sitting on top of his amp with his guitar case to his side. I said are you ready and he says I've got all I need for the night.  Once we go in to walk around and make sure he really feels at home he kicks off his shoes and does a cartwheel through the living room into the dining and says to me "come on, your turn!"

After the fun, we start to check everything out and he pulls on a drawer which feels stuck and breaks the child safety hinge. We laughed and he says "now I get to fix it". Once in the garage he pulls on the door as I say "no, no, it opens over here..." He pulls on the door hinge and breaks it partially. He cracked me up by saying "I'm so new Nikki". I now tell all of my first time home buyers to call or text me and let me know the first thing they break.

Being a home owner is comedy when you can laugh at your own growth and complete satisfaction when you get to learn something new. I love the clients who bring out the joy of life and excitement in the small things.

Why I stand out from other real estate professionals:  I am use to being with people where ever they are in life.  I care about what is going on in their life and how their home changes that.  I listen to their goals and do my best to help them get there.  Sometimes we get in our own way, I try to be the neutral party who helps get people where they want and need to be.

Military Relocation Specialist (MRP) 

NAR - National Association of Realtors

TPCAR - Tacoma Pierce County Association of Realtors

"Nikki was nothing short of amazing during the whole selling and buying process. She took us to look at a million houses because we were so picky, she listened to me whine, and she took many frantic phone calls from me with complete professionalism and a soothing demeanor. She always made me feel comfortable the process and truly made it as worry free as it could be. Nikki is very friendly and she will make you want to buy a house again just to hang out with her. 5 star agent!"

  -Noel, Client

"Nikki was referred to us by another realtor that did not have the time to represent us. Nikki was prompt, honest, accommodating and exceedingly patient with our endless questions and concerns. I would recommend Nikki to anyone that is looking to purchase any real estate!"

  -Joanne, Client

"We couldn't have asked for anyone better than Nikki. From beginning to end, she was trustworthy and always had our best interests in mind. She quickly narrowed down properties based on our interests and preferences and made the whole process smooth and as stress free as it possibly could be. She was always on top of everything and responded to emails and calls promptly. We highly recommend her and would love to work with her again!"

  -A Ross, Client

"We are a military family living in Florida selling a house in Washington . Nikki worked with our renter to get pictures of the house taken and assisted with the contractor working to get the house ready for sale. We accepted an offer within one week of listing our home! This was faster than anything we could possibly hope for! There were several times my husband and I were in different states due to work and Nikki was always available and understanding of our situation. She is very knowledgeable of the area and was honest in setting expectations early in the process. Not only is she a knowledgeable and confident realtor but personally she treated us with understanding and kindness. I highly recommend Nikki, she truly did an amazing job listing, and selling our home faster than we could have ever dreamed!"

  -Sarah, Client

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